St Patrick's Church

Capital Campaign

Our church is approaching its 120th anniversary. In the 1890’s, the people of our parish gave us this beautiful church. Imagine all who have knelt here to pray over the years. Their gift to us is in need of repair since use and weather have taken their toll. The kneelers and the pews are well-worn and in need of restoration. Over a century of rain has corroded gutters, damaged roofs, and endangered the very foundation of our church. To hand this legacy to our children and grandchildren, we must act now to Restore and Preserve.

We are being invited to participate in the future of St. Patrick Catholic Church. Our Capital Campaign will provide loving care to the sacred space in which we pray, improve security, and increase accessibility. Its intention is to Restore and Preserve our historic church for another century.

— Fr. Keith Carroll and the Capital Improvements Committee

St Patrick's Church
St Patrick

Prayer for Saint Patrick Church

Heavenly Father, we praise and thank you for Your boundless generosity to us, the members of Saint Patrick Church. We remember with gratitude our ancestors in the faith who have bestowed to our stewardship the buildings in which we gather as family to pray, learn of Your love for us and share fellowship. Looking to our future with hope, we humbly ask for the inspiration and guidance of Your Holy Spirit, that we may work together to restore our parish facilities. As we address important needs in preserving the bricks and mortar of our property for future generations, help us to see in this an even greater spiritual opportunity to build up “the living stones” of our community into the Body of Christ. Make us ever mindful that our time, talents and treasure are Your loving gifts to us. May we always be ready to dedicate those gifts to Your glory.

Glory be to Saint Patrick’s, as it was in its beginning, is now and will be for generations to come. Amen.

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